This is our latest product!

The greatest amount of biomass in ballast water consists of algae. Therefore, algae are an ideal parameter for ballast water quality control. bbe moldaenke is the leading manufacturer of algae measuring devices. With decades of experience in this field, bbe is proud to introduce the newest development.

The 10cells is a light-weight field instrument for the quantification of living cells in ballast water.

The measurement is based on the natural fluorescence of algal cells. With a modified PAM method (pending patent) it is possible to achieve the unbelievable resolution of 1 living cell per ml. Thus, the device is 10 times more sensitive than required by IMO regulations and 100 times more sensitive than our competitors┬┤ products.

These are the benefits of 10cells for

port authorities

  • easily operable by newly instructed staff.
  • designed for mobil use.

BWT suppliers

  • helps to control the right dosage of Cl2, ClO2, O3 or UV.
  • improves efficiency of treatment facility.

ship owners

  • changes trust into guarantee before entering the harbour.
  • saves money.