Easy, fast, precise for indicative testing of ballast water!

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Indicative testing of ballast water is an important issue for port authorities, institutes and certifiers, ballast water treatment suppliers and ship owners. The big advantage of 10cells is the easy handling in combination with the short measuring time and the high sensitivity. 10cells can easily be used by newly instructed staff and provides reliable results in less than a minute.

Recently Dr. Stephan Gollasch tested the bbe 10cells on board and said

Since 1992 I have been working on ballast water and our current work includes world-wide performance tests of ballast water management systems. For these tests we have used many kinds of sample processing methods and instruments.
During recent tests the bbe 10cells was employed on board a commercial vessel.
This device is portable, easy to use and delivers a result of phytoplankton viability in a short period of time. This makes it a very good candidate for port state control efforts to prove indicatively the compliance with ballast water management standards. Further validation experiments are currently underway to confirm the precision of the instrument.


  • robust
  • easy to handle
  • measuring time less than a minute
  • detection limit 1 living cell / ml
  • no chemicals needed
  • designed for mobile use
  • power supply by rechargeable battery